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Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.38.27 PMI am delighted to announce that as of March, 2016, I have assumed the law practice of RICHARD SHANEYFELT, long-time Port Townsend attorney, and my friend, who retired at the end of February and asked me to carry on. Since our practices were very similar, I was honored and pleased to accept the invitation. The records and files of Rick’s clients who approved of this transition are now in my office. Jeannette Ricardo, Rick’s Legal Assistant, has also joined my practice.

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I offer Mediation Services in Port Townsend and Jefferson County, Clallam County, Kitsap County, and the Seattle area, as an attorney and certified mediator providing divorce mediation, family mediation, and other forms of conflict resolution. Whether it’s divorce, family conflict, or another sort of personal, business, or legal dispute, I will help you to understand the benefits of mediation vs. litigation and mediation vs. arbitration: of these legal processes, the mediation process is much less stressful and much more likely to achieve a peaceful and workable outcome for all parties to the conflict.
I’ve also been trained and practice as a Collaborative Lawyer.

Collaborative law or practice is a legal process enabling couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage to work with their lawyers and, on occasion, other professionals, in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of going to court and in order to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children, without the underlying threat of litigation. This voluntary process is initiated when the couple signs a contract (a “participation agreement”) binding them to the process and disqualifying their respective lawyer’s right to represent either one in any future related litigation. (Wikipedia)

(More helpful information is at, including how Collaborative Practice is not limited to Divorce and Family Law, but can be used in virtually all legal cases.)

Washington Mediation Association
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Collaborative Professionals of Washington

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Screen-Shot-2014-07-19-at-2.10.49-PM1“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often the real loser — in fees, and expenses, and waste of time. As a peace-maker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.” Abraham Lincoln

You may be surprised to learn that Mediation succeeds 70-80% of the time. Conflicts that have been boiling for months are often settled in less than three hours. That’s far less time than you’ll spend at the Courthouse.

Have a look at a very informative page: “Choosing Mediation“.

When you have time, here’s a role-play that’s an excellent example of how the process works:


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